Learn About The ProPosture Headband

The ProPosture Headband and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 180 day construction defects guarantee.

The four-inch elastic headband with a hook and loop closure system allows one size to fit all people.

The ProPosture Headband comes with either four or six pounds of weight in ½ pound metal bars. This allows the user to start off with just one or two pounds of weight and build-up to more weight as their neck musculature strengthens.

It is important that the user does not start off with too much weight as this will cause the head and neck to fail and fall into the weight, rather than retract to a more normal posture.

Most females, children and smaller frame men are fine with the four pound unit. Larger frame males or females should purchase the six pound unit.

How The ProPosture Headband Works

Head weighting has been in use since 1893 to improve posture. At left is a picture of the original patent.

Head weight has been found to cause a postural reflex that retracts the head and neck, stretching out the muscles/tissues of the posterior upper neck/skull region while strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the lower front neck region. Research shows that continued use will cause a long-lasting motor memory of this new improved posture.

Head weighting has been recommended for the treatment of chronic neck/upper back pain by improving posture in the medical literature by Dr. Rene Calliette, a well-know physiatrist, researcher and former head of physical rehabilitation for the University of Southern California Medical Facility.

Recent published peer-reviewed research studies show that chronic neck/upper back pain and headache pain suffers usually have a condition of forward head posture with associated weakness of the deep anterior neck flexors (the salenis muscles) and hyper-tonic, over-worked posterior neck/upper back muscles. As the head moves forward, a pinching of the posterior, upper neck joints occurs. This pinching causes inflammation that can be felt as neck pain, muscle tightness and/or headache pain. It also increases the chance of jaw (TMJ) pain and arm or wrist problems. Forward head posture is caused by whiplash-type injuries or years of poor posture or from wearing heavy backpacks.

Since 1999, we have sold this product to thousands of chiropractors and physical therapists to improve their patient’s posture and eliminate chronic neck/upper back pain and headaches, and we now want to make it available directly to the public.

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