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The ProPosture Head Band is a simple, yet effective device designed to help you achieve and maintian good posture. It has been tested and proven in a clinical setting to help reduce Forward Head Posture.

Forward Head Posture is where the head sits anywhere from a few millimeters to inches in front of the normal midline of the body when looking at a person from the side(see figure 1). Foward Head Posture puts additonal strain on the joints and muscles of the neck. This has been proven to greatly increase the incidence of chronic neck pain, headaches and fatigue.

The ProPosture Head Band was designed to help correct Forward head posture as well as the pain and fatigue associated with it.

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Notice the extreme effects Forward Head Posture has on overall posture.
Good Posture vs. Bad Posture
Notice the extreme effects Forward Head Posture has on overall posture.

You may wonder why good posture is so important. In fact, you may wonder what good posture even is. These are good questions. The fact that you are visiting this website means that you think it is important enough to find out.

First of all, what is considered to be good posture? To put it simply, having good or correct posture means having each part of the body in alignment with its neighboring parts. Looking at a person from the side (see the image at left) one should be able to draw a straight line from the earlobe through the middle of the shoulder, hip, knee and finally the ankle. Maintaining good posture promotes health, reduces stress and lessens pain and fatigue.

Conversely, poor posture where the body is out of alignment, puts greater stress on the neck and back, greatly increasing the risk of complications, such as: headaches, back and neck aches and fatigue. It can also greatly increase the chance of constricted blood vessels and spinal nerves. In addition, the degenerative effects of poor posture can take its toll on bones, discs, muscles and joints.

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