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The ProPosture Headband and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 180 day construction defects guarantee.

The four-inch elastic headband with a hook and loop closure system allows one size to fit all people.

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Head weighting has been in use since 1893 to improve posture. At left is a picture of the original patent.

Head weight has been found to cause a postural reflex that retracts the head and neck, stretching out the muscles/tissues of the posterior upper neck/skull region while strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the lower front neck region. Research shows that continued use will cause a long-lasting motor memory of this new improved posture.

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Who We Are

ProPosture/Circular Traction Supply, Inc. was started in 1986 by Dr. Donald W. Meyer, D.C. as one of the first postural/structural corrective device design and manufacturing companies. Over the past 35 years we have led the industry in the innovative design and production of postural corrective body weights and wearable spinal braces.